Sushi Preparation Directions Part 2

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Sushi Express Cooking Directions:

Arrange seaweed sheets onto a baking sheet; dry under preheated oven broiler.

Lay sheet of plastic wrap onto a bamboo mat or a clean cloth; lay on one sheet nori [dried seaweed].

Garnish nori with rice, finely chopped cucumber and/or mushrooms, fresh strips fish fillet or shrimps or crabmeat pieces.

Roll leaf using bamboo mat or cloth pressing to get a really firm roll.

Repeat with remaining ingredients.

Further Directions:

Leave rolls to rest for at least 10 minutes.

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Meanwhile, mix together all sauce ingredients for the fish.

Remove mats or cloths then evenly cut each roll into 6 slices.

Arrange sushi slices onto a serving plate and serve, along with the sauce for the fish.

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