Sushi Express Soup Stock

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  • Japanese people use dashi or stock.
  • It is made with bonito and dashi kobu [kelp].
  • The bonito is grated to very fine flakes.
  • As this unavailable in Western countries, chicken stock, fish stock or monosodium glutamate were substituted here.
  • When stock is made in Western countries, different kinds of seasonings are used, but in Japanese cooking, the only seasoning used is negi and sometimes ginger.
  • This kind of simple stock suits the Japanese palate.


Japanese rice wine is used here, but sherry is similar in taste and can be used instead.


This is sweet wine; 1 teaspoon [5 mL] sugar added to 1 tablespoon [15 mL] sherry makes it taste like mirin.

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Amount of seasonings

The amounts given suits the japanese palate.

If desired, the amount of sugar, soy sauce, salt ma be adjusted to your own taste.


Ingredients peculiar to Japan have been substituted by canned foods or ingredients available in other countries.

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